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MIX TWO: Joni Wallace’s Emilymix

This is the second mix created for our project by poet Joni Wallace. Her mix represents Emily Dickinson’s “Master Letters,” three out of the over 1,049 of her recovered letters.  Joni says “these are strange documents, found tied together separately from her poems: peculiar, chilling, submissive, written to a male figure – god or lover (?) – yet another inked porthole into the Rorschach of Dickinson’s psyche. I’ve tried to surround excerpts from these letters with her poems and the sounds that moved me while navigating them.”


 Joni Wallace – Emilymix


The readers, in order of appearance:

Frances Sjoberg, Lisa Cole, Gail Brown, Joni Wallace, Mary Jo Bang, Drew Krewer, Lisa Bowden, Kimi Eisele, Gail Brown, Gregory Mcnamee.


The music:

Paradical – Mouse on Mars,  Ambassadors of Cinema – Maserati,  Death is a Door that Opens – Joy Wants Enternity, Auto Orchestra – Mouse on Mars, Your Lips are Red – St. Vincent,  Speak for Me –  Cat Power, In the Dark Place – PJ Harvey, Riga – Followed by Ghosts, The Desperate Kingdom of Love – Giant Sand


MIX ONE: The Spork Press Cin(EM)atic Nod To Radiolab Mix

This is the first of a series of mixes being created for our project by local DJs (and others). This, the “Spork Press Cin(EM)atic Nod To Radiolab” mix is by Drew Burk, one of the fiction editors and bookbinders at Spork Press. His intent with the mix is to have it be “You know, music, but it’s got the poetry and her letters in it too, just there, making sense, playing well with others… Sometimes there’s music, sometimes there’s words, and sometimes there’s both. There’s a kind of story going on in there, I don’t know if anyone else will pick up on it, but it plays out in scenes for me…” You can listen to it via the player on this page, or download it here, or alternately you may subscribe to the Spork Press podcast.


The Spork Press Cin(EM)atic Nod To Radiolab Mix


Details of the mix are as follows: The readers (in order of appearance in the mix) — Matthew Conley, Ken Bacher, Frankie Rollins,  Joni Wallace, Samantha Neville, Courtney Czar, David Mertz, Ted Robbins, Theo Kipnis, Alma Smith, Lisa Bowden, Charlotte Lowe, Maggie Golston, Neil Diamente, Charles Alexander. ——— The songs — Andrea Parker – Clutching At Straws, Kenseth Thibedeau – Lost, Aphex Twin – Mookid, Liechtenstein – All At Once, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Gentle Sons, Clint Mansell – We’re Going Home (Moon OST), The Black Heart Procession – Rats, Aphex Twin – On, Peter Murphy – Marlene Dietrich’s Favourite Poem, Mono – A Thousand Paper Cranes, Lanterna – B Minor, Aphex Twin – Cliffs.



And these are the voices we recorded. We’re adding more all the time, so check back.


Dickinson Poems by SporkPress


Dickinson Letters by SporkPress