We’re collecting creative, Emily-inspired work– students and community membersĀ  call and text in to our Emily Dickinson hotline. We encourage you to use your unique speaking and texting languages, whether you’re translating Emily to modern speech or text or submitting your own work. Through this, we invite you to think about form, as well as content.

Emily can be reached at (520) 329-4958.

We hope to hear from you soon!

  1. Questions and poems from the Grrls to Emily Dickinson:

    Give me a reason to live
    Give me a reason to forgive
    Why do I still love him

    Was everything you did just a show?

    What were the emotions you wanted readers to experience while reading your poetry?????

    Emily, can solitude facilitate creativity better than human interactions?

    Emily, how can poetry be an outlet for my creativity if I think that everything I write sounds vapid and stupid to my own ears?

    How does a soul go about selecting her own society?

    I wanna dwell in Possibility w u. Where is it? Send directions.

    They’re brewing your liquor now apparently. Taste it w me?

    You and your doors! Come out with us 2nite! We need your explosive genius. Bad.

    If recollecting were forgetting. If this is “fading”–If what we could–were what we wld…I’ll clutch — and clutch.

    Will you talk to me through poetry?

    How often do you feel depressed? And is it bad?

    Are you self conscious?

    What is love to you?

    Is it okay to take risks? Or should people be cautious?

    What makes a good poet?

    How do personal lives affect personality? And does all this affect your poetry?

    What is your favorite season?

    Does writing poetry help you with your problems?

    Does your family affect how you see your life?

    Is it okay to feel random emotions for no apparent reason?

    Do you write poetry in a certain order and form or is it just random and unplanned?

    Did you have problems communicating with people?

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  3. Do you ever see connections in your life between very unrelated things?

    A friend as good as Susan To good to be true As far as I am concerned 4 ever & ever
    I hrd fly zz xx rm / was= air / Btw heaves o storm / Ii hd ring thm dry / & brth gthrg firm / 4 tht 1st nst king / b witns’d rm
    I wl ld kpsake sgn’d away / ? Portion me b / assignable & then it ws / there intrposd fly / W/:( uncrtn stumble zz / btw light & me / & thn win
    dows :’( & th n / I cldn’t C2C

    Hi Emily. I’m always worried that I’ll live my life forever in mediocrity and never really be something great. This fear has consumed me lately. Any advice?

    I love emily she’s still sign. I have a Emily, she’s totally mine.

    Dear emily – someone told me once that every one of your poems could be sung to The Yellow Rose of Texas. How do you think Arizonans will take that? best wishes! Anne

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